Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol


Lauren Cáit de Brún 5A1

At the start of the year, I was told about an Irish song-writing competition.  I decided to write a song and when I had finished it, we got a group together to include instruments and work on harmonies  The song is called “Liom go Deo” and it addresses the very serious issues of loneliness, depression and suicide.  We sent a video of the song – the launch of which you can see here on the School Website – and details of the background to it to the competition.  We were delighted to make it into the top 8 and received €250.  We decided as a group to give the money to Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol.  It is such a great volunteer group and we felt that their work tied in well with the theme of this song.  They were happy to come into the school to talk to our music class about what they do, and we were delighted to be able to help them with their very important work.